Specialist Services

Capital Gains and Inheritance Tax planning

The rules surrounding these two specialist taxes are complex and require careful planning if you are to minimise your eventual tax liabilities. Few individuals plan early enough for the inevitable event that may create a liability to Capital Gains or Inheritance Tax. Talk to us about the opportunities that exist to mitigate your tax position.

IT Accounting Consultancy

If you are thinking of buying in any accounting or payroll systems, then talk to us first. We are in a position to offer impartial advice, and even direct you to suppliers that may save you money. How often have you read, “using our accounting software is easy to use, and will save you time”. What manufacturers don’t tell you, is how long it will take you to set up the necessary administrative processes around your new software, to make it work in the first place. We have many years of experience in designing accounting systems for small to large businesses. You will save a lot of wasted time and effort if you consult us first.

Company formation service

Forming a company is a relatively easy and inexpensive task for someone who knows what they are doing. We offer a comprehensive and professional company formation service, that does not stop at the point where we hand over a set of incomprehensible documents and say ‘good luck’! If you need advice about what you are required to do in forming and running of your company, then talk to us.